Dhaka-Mawa Road to be upgraded into four lanes

The government will upgrade the Dhaka-Mawa Road to a four-lane thoroughfare to ease heavy traffic movement between the capital and the country’s southwestern regions, officials said Wednesday.

Communications ministry officials said the Roads and Highways Department (RHD) has already taken up a scheme for constructing the four-lane road from the 2nd Buriganga Bridge approach road in Dhaka to Mawa approach road by December 2013.

“We have already undertaken the road upgradation project. It has been sent to the Planning Commission for approval,” said a senior communications ministry official.

He said they have requested the Commission to endorse the scheme as it is the ministry’s priority project in the current fiscal year (2011-12).

The RHD has sought Tk 580 million funds from the government’s internal resources to construct the 4-lane road.

Officials said since the 2nd Buriganga Bridge to Mawa is an important route for the people of the southwestern Khulna and Barisal divisions, its upgradation is necessary.

In addition, when the proposed Padma Bridge would be constructed, this highway will be the busiest corridor for transporting goods and passengers to and from the southwestern Bangladesh, he added.

The government has started constructing the country’s largest 6.15 kilometres bridge at Mawa-Janjira site on the river Padma to connect the impoverished southwestern region with the central and developed region of Dhaka.

Considering increasing traffic movement from the country’s different regions to capital city Dhaka, the government has already started to upgrade two other busy highways.

The RHD has already begun upgradation of the country’s busiest highways, Dhaka-Chittagong and Joydevpur-Mymensingh, to four-lane due to growing traffic movement over the years.

Chittagong and Mymensingh constitute the major industrial belt of the country where thousands of heavy vehicles ply the road with goods and passengers.

A planning commission official said they have received a project proposal from the RHD for upgrading the 2nd Buriganga Bridge to Mawa road to a four-lane highway.

“We have sought some clarification from the RHD. We have asked the communications ministry to clarify about the available resources in its Medium-Term Budget Framework,” he said.

As the communications ministry has identified it as a priority project, we will consider it seriously, the official added.copy



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