Four Years In To The Tragic Bomb Blast At Netrakona

Four years in to the tragic bomb blast at Netrakona, the victims are yet to get any financial help from the government.

Even no government officials visited them, said the victims’ family members.

Nine people were killed and over 50 people including policemen injured as ‘suicide squad’ of banned militant organisation JMB blasted bombs in front of Udichi office in the town at about 10:30am on December 8, 2005.

Three of them, Khwaza Haider, 38, joint secretary of Netrakona Udichi, Rani Begum, 35, wife of a police sub-inspector, and Joinal, 55, died on the spot.

Sudipta Paul Shelly, 28, organising secretary of Netrakona Udichi, Yadob Das, 28, Rais Uddin, 35, Achab Uddin, 40, Jahanara Begum, 45, and an unidentified person succumbed to their injuries on way to or at hospital in Netrakona and in Mymensingh.

During a visit to the house of Shahanaj Begum, 30, wife of Khwaja Haider, this correspondent learnt that her family did not get any financial assistance from the government.

“My two children, Siplu, 13, and Shaon, 5, and mother-in-law live with me at this house. We have become helpless after Haider’s death as he was the only earning member of the family. No minister, not even Netrakona deputy commissioner has visited my house till now,” Shahanaj said.

Udichi leader Sudipta Paul also was the lone earning member of her family. Her parents Sushil Paul, 65, and Aruna Paul, 55, and a brother are passing hard days in a rented house.

But they neither got any help from the government nor any government representative came to console them, they said.

This correspondent found Aruna Paul suffering from a serious disease but they were unable to buy medicine for want of money.

Families of other victims — Rani Begum, Joinal, Raisuddin, Yadav Das and Jahanara — also told similar stories as this correspondent visited their houses.

Netrakona Udichi Shilpi Gosthi has taken various programmes to remember the tragic day.

On February 17 in 2008, Speedy Trial Tribunal-2 in Dhaka sentenced JMB men Salah Uddin, Asaduzzaman and Yunus to death for their involvement with this bomb blasts at Netrakona.

Salah Uddin and Asaduzzaman have filed appeal to the higher court while Yunus is yet to be netted.


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