Mymensingh Awami Swechchwasebak League

LGRD and Cooperatives Minister Syed Ashraful Islam yesterday said the trial of Bangabandhu murder case is now at its fag end and after which the trial of war criminals would commence.

“We all should keep a vigil so that the evil forces cannot fish in the troubled water,” he said.

He was addressing the inaugural session of the two-day triennial conference of Mymensingh Bangladesh Awami Swechchwasebak League as the chief guest yesterday evening at Railway Krishnachura Chattar.

Referring to the recent bomb attack on Fazle Noor Taposh the LGRD minister said the fundamentalists and anti-liberation forces launched the attack in a bid to scupper the Bangabandhu murder trial.

Awami League has no room for terrorists, extortionists and bid manipulators, Ashraf, also general secretary of Awami League, cautioned.

The trouble mongers, no matter however influential they are, would not be spared if they are found in anti-people activities, said the minister.

We must say ‘no’ to terrorism, extortion and tender manipulation for the betterment of the country, the minister stressed.

AFM Bahauddin Nasim, president of Swechchwasebak League central unit, also organising secretary of Awami League, inaugurated the conference. Pankaj Debnath, secretary of Swechchwasebak League, was the chief speaker.

Presided over by convener of Swechchwasebak League local unit advocate Nuruzzaman Khokon the meeting was addressed, among others, by lawmakers Principal Motiur Rahman, Muslem Uddin, Hyatur Rahman Khan, KM Khalid Babu, Dr M Aman Ullah, Abdus Sattar and district AL secretary Abdul Matin Sarker.

Central Awami League and Swechchwasebak League leaders Dr Uthpal Sarker, Nirmol Ranjan Guha, Ahmed Hossain and Asim Kumar Ukil also addressed the programme


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